Thursday, July 14, 2011

Raspberries and Missing kids

The kids were outside for about ten minutes and being suspiciously quiet so I went to check on them.  My heart started to pound as I looked around and couldn't see anyone.  Normally I can hear them playing at all times so to not hear them and not see them was a scary thing.  Just as I was about to check and see if they somehow opened the fence I heard a rustling.  I looked toward the source of the sound but didn't see anything so I though it was the neighbors dog when i heard it again.  This time I spotted her.
I instantly felt better until I realized I still didn't know where Tucker was.  After shouting Tucker a few times I heard some giggles but I still couldn't see him.
Here is Tucker's little hand reaching up for a raspberry.  they were both back in the bushes eating what little of the berries were eatable at the time.  When I talked to Tucker about them not being ready he told me 'that's ok, I give the not good ones to Penelope and she eats them.'
Within a day our two all of our raspberry started turning red.  It goes something like, none ready, none ready, 10 ready, 100 ready.
I probably picked about 4 cups full yesterday and could pick another 4 this afternoon.
Tucker and Penelope get the low ones and love to just pick and eat as they go.  While I have found one too many bugs on them and prefer to put them in a bowl and take them inside to wash before I eat any.
I love growing tons of raspberries.  They are by far my favorite thing we grow.  The are delicious but also expensive so I would probably not buy them at the store.  If we didn't grow them I would barely ever get them.  The are also very easy and low maintenance to grow.  We don't really do anything and they just grow year after year.  they also go great in a salad with the spinach from our garden.  Thanks Rich for planting the raspberries when you owned the house.


Voices of the Graves said...

Those raspberries look good!! You could make some jam with those if you get too many. Always enjoy your pictures that you take.

DerrK said...

the kids were playing inside the rasp berry bushes?! OUIE! but i had to laugh at Tucker's response about the not so good ones. If the jam thing doesn't work out....we can help you eat some. :)