Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old European

While in Spokane we got a chance to go out to breakfast.  It was fun and I can see the benefits of having older children at home to babysit.  Although by the time my children are older hopefully I won't have any little ones at home that need babysitting.
One great thing about where my sister lives is that it is by a super busy street that has hundred and hundreds of stores and restaurants up and down it making lots of choices for places to eat.  Also their church building is in the middle of their neighborhood.  It is probably less than a half mile walk from their house.  I can see it already ... "what honey? you have to stay longer for a meeting?  no problem just walk home when your done."
This is a picture of my sister's crepe. 

Whats next for me today? trying to renew the "So You think You can Dance" work out DVD I checked out from the library that was due yesterday.

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