Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We took Tucker bowling for the first time in Spokane.  he definitely knows what bowling is and has played it several times before on the Wii so he was excited to get to bowl for real.  he shared a lane with his cousin James and I felt bad for them because both of them were having a hard time getting the ball to go fast enough to knock very many pins down.  Even with bumpers the ball would seem to roll off into the gutter at the very last second.
Here is Tucker watching his ball.

Here I am mid swing.  I didn't do much better myself and all the tips and advice i was getting were probably good but I started getting more self conscious and that just made things worse.
Bob did the best out of us.  I don't think we go bowling enough to do very well.  To me bowling seems like a game that you need to warm up first.  Maybe by the 5th game I would start to get the hang of it.


Jacquelyn said...
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DerrK said...

We should do an FHE together and go bowling. Get another fam or two to come. That'd be a blast.