Thursday, July 28, 2011

Half way to 80 Party!

My sister just turned 40!  She is the oldest of the 8 kids and I am 6th in line.  Needless to say we are kind of spread out.  Making my mom have kids in the house for a very long time (she still has one under 18).  It was kind of a big party and Tianna went all out on the decorations and desserts.  There were 4 delicious cakes.  Part of me was sad that we left the morning after the party because we didn't have time to eat leftovers.  There was tons of yummy food.
Here i am next to the birthday girl.  We are trying to make the number 40.  When Bob took the picture he was like 'what are you guys doing?'
Bob and i had a little poetry reading during the party.  We wrote a few poems, with the help of Caleb, on the ride up and read them to everyone at the party.

There once was a girl named Tianna
She was turning 40 and didn't wanna
She went to the store, then went to some more
And didn't come back till tomorra

We had a few more poems but they aren't as funny when you read them and especially if you don't know her (she love coupons).
  The party was in her backyard.
 Scarlett had fun at the party.  She has been much more smiley lately!  I love it.
Penelope was fine with all the people, here she is with her cousin Amery.  She has been doing great and is really growing out of her stranger anxiety phase.  Tucker loved playing with his cousins the whole time.

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