Friday, July 29, 2011

The Hair everyone's talking about

Since Tucker was born I have been getting comment after comment about his red hair.  The comments are usually centered around where he got the red hair after which the commenter goes into a story about a person they know with red hair.  When the commenter is a friend or someone at church or someone i have some connection to it doesn't bother me at all.  But I do get a little tired of talking to strangers at the grocery store about my kids hair.  Now that I have three little red heads the comments happen more.  And Penelope is the one who gets the most attention.
It looks extra bright and vibrant in the sun and as you can see she has a couple curls going on in the back.  I am scared to cut it because i want the curls to stay.  Someone even told me she has a lot of hair for a 2-year-old.  I'm not sure if that is true because she seems to have the same amount as the other girls her age i know.
Here she is after 'jumping' on the trampoline with what Tucker calls her lion hair.  The only problem with her hair is that it is always in her face.  It doesn't part on its own so i has to be pulled back with a rubber band or bow but usually both.  She is always pushing it out of her face and getting upset about it.  She will point at her head and say 'bow' when her hair is bugging her.  I really like her hair and think it is fun to do.  Hopefully someday she will not scream and cry when i try to do it.


Lorraine Butler said...

So cute! It's nice that she lets you fix it.

Jacquelyn said...

Beautiful picture!

KRad said...

None of the store "detanglers" worked for us, they never got the tangles out & leave in conditioners were too heavy for Abbie's hair, and the one I finally found that worked was $20 a bottle & I don't pay that much for my hair stuff - I was always on the hunt for something better/CHEAPER.

Someone (a hairdresser) gave me the following suggestion - so far all my girls have curly hair & I swear by it.

Buy a spray bottle (I got mine at the dollar store) mix 1-2 tablespoons of conditioner (I use white rain or suave whatever is cheapest & on sale) to 2 cups of water. I guess, I don't actually measure I just put some conditioner in the spray bottle & fill it, it's not a huge one - after you make it a time or two you'll know what combination works best for her hair. Tah Dah! Your own (CHEAP) "leave in" conditioner shake well, spray on her hair & comb through.

Works like magic on our house - no more tangles & no more tears! Maybe it will work for you too?!

Michael and Denise said...

Penelope does have way cute hair. Sorry, but the comments about red hair will never stop. My brother (another red-head) and I would go shopping with mom (who also has red hair) and we'd still get asked where we got our read hair from. We wanted to point to our mom and say, "Duh, where do you think?", but we'd usually just mumble "Our mom."

I have a theory that everyone knows someone with red hair, someone who is LDS, and someone who is a twin.

Michael and Denise said...

"red" not "read"

John and Kristin said...
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Doranda said...

Your are not obnoxious! I really don't mind talking to people that I know about it. It gives me something to talk about. It is just when I am grocery shopping I want to shop. I just don't have the desire to have a conversation with a stranger I am never going to see again.