Saturday, July 2, 2011

Open Mic Night

Last night for our date I wanted to do something that I thought would be extra fun for Bob.  We first went to this new pizza place in Silverdale then headed over to the Forza coffee shop for their open mic night.  I made sure Bob brought his guitar and I signed him up to play.  I think he really wanted to do it but when we got there he got really nervous and there was a minute or two when I thought he wasn't going to go through with it.  I pressured him and it worked because he sang two songs.  It was so fun and Bob did great!  He hasn't done anything like that since college.  After Bob played a woman, aka cougar, (just kidding she actually seemed really nice) bought Bob a smoothie.  Bob said that the smoothie made it worth it and he is glad he did it.

I took video of his performance.

All the close seats were taken.  When we first got there I was definitely reminded of Pheobe off the show Friends.

It was fun to do something a little different.  I think we should do it again but next time with more friends to make sure Bob goes through with it a second time.


Anna said...

Sam says if you go on tour he will be a groupie :)

DerrK said...

Two thumbs up, Bob!

The Weller Family said...

way to go Bob!