Friday, July 1, 2011

A typical Morning

7:00 Wake up to the alarm. 
Ignore alarm.
Wake up to scarlett crying, nurse Scarlett in bed, fall back alseep.
7:45 Wake up again, this time to Tucker with Penelope trailing behind him.
Change Scarlett.
Attempt to get three cereal bowls sometimes different kinds and two cups of milk one whole one nonfat for the kids.
Pick Scarlett back up because she is screaming and try to eat one handed.
Get more cereal for Tucker and try to figure out why Penelope is crying.
Hear the garbage Truck, set Scarlett down and run out to take the trash to the street barefoot and in PJ's.
8:15 Finish Cereal and try to read emails while holding Penelope and Tucker climbing on me.
Answer a zillion questions about what we are going to do today.
Put Scarlett down for Tummy time and watch Tucker Color while cleaning the kitchen.
Help Penelope find her blanket.
Run outside to take a picture of our neighbors roses that bloomed.
Start blog post.
 9:00 Feed Scarlett.
9:20 put Scarlett down for a nap.
Try to get dressed while whisper yelling at the kids to be quiet.
Deal with the kids fighting over a toy.
Maybe exercise.
Wipe Tucker because he went #2.
Get kicking and screaming Penelope dressed and tell Tucker to change his cloths.
Finish blog post.
11:00 Feed Scarlett.
11:30 talk to bob on phone while telling the kids to shh so i can hear.
Make cheese roll ups and a microwave meal for me.
12:00 Turn on Wonderpets and waste time on the computer while keeping Scarlett awake and clean up more.
1:00 bring crying Tucker and Penelope up to read a story and take a nap.
Nurse Scarlett and change her diaper put her in bed.
1:30 Relax

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