Sunday, August 14, 2011

Anniversary Date

For our Anniversary Bob and I dropped the kids off at a friends house and went out on a date.  I think this was the first time we left Scarlett and I guess she was pretty fussy.  I hope she doesn't develop the same stranger anxiety that Penelope did.  You know how I said before we got the table for each other for our present.  I should have known but Bob tricked me and went ahead and got me a present anyway.  Actually he got me 5 presents.  So I felt a little dumb when I actually thought we were not getting each other presents so I didn't get him anything and he got me 5 things.  I am never going to believe him again if he says we shouldn't exchange gifts.
Here we are before we left.
We went to Anothony's, it's a yummy restaurant on the boardwalk.  I haven't eaten there before and it was pretty good.  We did have to wait a good amount of time to get a table.  But it was worth it.  We had a nice table outside with a great view of the water.
Us waiting for a table.

After we ate I had to stop next door to get my free birthday ice cream from Cold Stone even though I was almost too full to eat it, almost.  We then picked up the kids and put them in bed.
I wanted to do something besides just watch tv once the kids were in bed so we made this Time Capsule.  i know it sounds a little cheesy but it was fun.  We put in a receipt from dinner, filled out a questionnaire about ourselves and wrote letters to each other that we wont read until we open the capsule.  We also put in pictures of ourselves, the kids and our house.  In 5 years on our Anniversary we will open it, put new things in it, and seal it up again.  Probably for 10 years next time.

I had a great anniversary and am looking forward to another together!


Voices of the Graves said...

Aaron has tricked me a few times before about not exchanging presents. I think the time capsule is a neat idea.

DerrK said...

I do like the capsule idea too. And sometimes the cheesiest things are the most priceless!