Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Fun

I woke up early (7:30) on my birthday so I could get ready for the day before the kids got up.
The kids met me at the top of the stairs and Bob took a picture of us before we came down.  Tucker was so excited when I told him it was my birthday.  I think he has been looking forward to it for days.  Bob took him and Penelope to the store on Thursday and let them pick out a present for me.  Tucker picked gum and penelope picked whoppers.  I guess penelope was so happy carrying it around the store she kept handing it to bob saying 'open it.'  then she was sad when they wrapped it up.  Needless to say both kids were asking me to share my presents with them.  Of course we had to open presents first thing in the morning.
 Bob got me a Belgian waffle maker.  it is one of the cool ones that flip over.

After breakfast we headed over to Bob's work.  They did family day at the shipyard.  He has been working there for three years and all this time I haven't even seen his building let alone his office.  It was killing me not to be able to take any pictures.  There are no camera's allowed in the shipyard, I couldn't even bring my phone in.  I joked with bob about sneaking a camera in but he didn't think it was very funny.  We got to tour the whole place and even go on a Carrier.  It was huge!  Penelope got pretty worn out after a few hours and we headed back home.  Now I know that Bob really does have a job and he doesn't just sand on a street corning somewhere begging for money.
We went to Red Robin for dinner and then that night some friends came over for this yummy cake I made.  It was a peanut butter cheese cake and I really liked it.  Bob didn't, good thing it wasn't his birthday cake.
Here I am 24 years old.  I scrunched my hair for church on Sunday.  it usually just ends up frizzy.
 Happy Birthday to me!


Mary-Anne said...

Happy Birthday! That cake looks delicious to me! Whenever I try to scrunch my hair, it usually ends up frizzy too. Yours looks cute, though!

Voices of the Graves said...

Doranda you are so Gorgeous. I really liked your hair at church too.
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

The Abel family said...

Your cake looks delicious! Is the last picture your sexy look :)

DerrK said...

Peanut butter and fave. Sorry I missed it. Happy 24 years!!!

Lorraine Butler said...

Happy Birthday. It seems like a great start to 24!