Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fire Safety FHE

Yesterday we had a great FHE about fire safety.  It was mostly for tucker who had been talking about firemen and asking about what if there is a fire.  We started out in his room, set off the fire alarm, and acted out all the possible scenarios.  he learned about crawling, using something to feel if the door handle is hot, and we set up a meeting place across the street.  Tucker had been wanting to climb out of the window and had been talking about it all week so we thought we would let him try it.  There is a roof landing outside of the bathroom windows so we told Tucker that if the stairs are blocked by a fire he could climb out of the window.  Tucker started to climb out but when he got up on the windowsill he started crying and getting really scared.  I think he is capable if doing it but if he ever really needed to he would be too scared.  hopefully it will never be an issue.  I can't imagine a time when Bob or I wouldn't be up there to get him out if needed.
I love it when the kids play together!  It doesn't happen near as often as I'd like but it has been happening more than it used to and it is great!
Tucker is pretty good with Scarlett.  He will give her her pacifier or tickle her or show her some toys.  he is actually the first one to get her to do a real laugh.
Even though I think the kids are pretty rough with the baby Scarlett seems to love it.  She is so happy when they give her attention.  A couple days ago Tucker informed me that when Scarlett becomes a kid we should stop calling her 'baby Scarlett' and just call her 'Scarlett.' but now she is a baby so we should still call her 'baby Scarlett.' 

Although being a mom is so hard.  It has it's moments, and I love it!

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DerrK said...

good idea. we've talked about fires but never really did any drills. but now that the kids are older maybe i should. AND i keep meaning to tell you I am jealous of your waffle maker. :)