Thursday, August 4, 2011

There goes her new Dress

This was the first time Penelpe wore the dress. I loved that dress, but am not super upset about it because I bought it for $1 at a garage sale.  Good thing I'm thrifty.
The thing is, I knew she was in the bathroom playing with the nail polish bottles.  she has done it before but I just did not expect her to be able to open one of them.  That she has never done before.  Penelope has really been into everything lately. It is hard to keep as close watch on her as I used to and she is finally using that to her advantage. 
This lipstick mess was nothing compared to what happened in the bathroom.  Because after i got her and the nail polish all cleaned up a few hours later she sneaked back into the bathroom and did it again.  For that I blame myself.  I was so consumed with cleaning up the polish I didn't even close the bottle.  Then later she tried it again.  She was being quiet and I found her out back with the same bottle.  She didn't manage to open it but I did have to chase her down to get it away from her.


Mary-Anne said...

Oh no!! Nail polish is so hard to clean up too! What a sneaky little girl. At least it wasn't on carpet, I guess... hopefully it wasn't too hard to clean up.

Linda said...

That "quiet" always set off warning bells in my mind. Good luck with the clean up.

Voices of the Graves said...

We've had to deal with that before too. Good luck!