Friday, August 5, 2011

Kitchen Remodel

My Anniversary is coming up and instead of getting presents for each other we are fixing up or kitchen.  This is something we knew we would need to do before we moved so we might as well do it now and enjoy the updated kitchen for a couple years.
This is what we had before.  It was a good idea and it fit pretty well in the space we had unfortunately after a couple months i didn't like it anymore.  I just never wanted to get in a slide down.  It made it hard to get up a million times getting things for the kids like I needed to.
Instead we bought this table.  I really like it, although  I drove all the way to Sumner to buy it and when I got back I looked in the boxes and saw they gave me the wrong chairs.  They are ordering the right ones now but it means another trip down there.  This table is the first piece of 'real' furniture we have bought.  by that i mean it is the first thing we haven't had given to us, made ourselves, or bought off craigslist.  And man, it was expensive.  At least to me it seems expensive.  I know that is a relative term. Since the traditional gift for the 5th anniversary is wood you could say this is our gift to each other. 

Anyway, right now in our kitchen we have a new table, but the doors and about half of the counter top is taken off of the cabinets and the sink is also taken out.  We are hoping to have the new counter top on by the end of the weekend.

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DerrK said...

Beautiful Table! Can't wait to see the kitchen!