Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Whaling Days Parade

On Saturday we went to the beginning of the Whaling Days Parade.  They have an annual 4 mile run that takes place before the parade starts and this year I was planing on running in it.  I have been running for a little while with the goal of this race in mind.  When I went to sign up i saw that it was going to cost $17 to race and a shirt was extra.  I decided that I would just go on my own run that morning instead.
Here everyone is waiting for it to start.
Penelope cut her lip Friday morning.  I'm not sure what happened because I was taking a shower and tucker said she hit a book.
This parade was much smaller than the Daffodil parade Puyallup.  Some of the people in the parade were different from what I would expect.  I think the one we liked the least were the belly dancing girls.  the unicycle people were neat and we knew some of the Montessori people.  Tucker really liked the scouts pirate ship.
Maybe next year we will stay for the whole thing.

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Voices of the Graves said...

sorry you couldn't stay for the whole thing. It was a hard decision for Makensie on when she wanted her baptism. Were going to be going next year if were here.