Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blackberry Festival

My parents came in town on Monday for the Blackberry festival.  I always wish things here were bigger than they actually are.  I guess that is because I grew up in a town with more people than we have here.  We walked up and down the boardwalk and had a good time.  We tried a blackberry slug (blackberry filled donut) and a blackberry ice cream sandwich.  That was really good.  But expensive, like most food at these types of things.
mmmm... Just looking at it makes me want another one.
I would have totally bought tucker these finger puppets if they were cheaper.  I thought the black one was a ninja but he corrected me and told me it was just the black Spiderman.  I have no clue how he knows these things.  He has never seen the movies.
They had a franz booth that was giving out mini loafs of bread.  That loaf is seriously 2" tall.  I thought they were the cutest little things.  We actually ran out of bread so the kids had mini sandwiches for lunch.
For our FHE activity we walked down the street and picked enough blackberries to make a cobbler.  I think I am going to try to pick some more before they are all gone.

That is how we spent our Labor Day.

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DerrK said...

That slug does look delish! I thought about going to the festival and that is as far as I got. lol