Friday, September 9, 2011

4 months already?

Wow, I can't believe Scarlett is already four months old.  The first few months of having a baby always go so fast.  It seems like just yesterday she was a little wrinkly newborn and Bob and I were up with her all night.  Now she can hold her own head up, almost sit up, and sleep through the night.
Scarlett has been in love with her hands! She is always trying to eat and suck on them.  A lot of the time she will fit both hands in her mouth.  While taking these pictures it was hard to get a shot of her without her hands blocking her face.  But then I thought to myself, 'hey, why fight it?'
She has got to be the cutest four month old out there.
I have been searching for the perfect basket to use as a prop for my baby pictures.  Then I found this one and Ross for only $10.  I just stuck it on my kitchen table, put Scarlett in it and started snapping away.


Gayle Daly said...

I'm glad you didn't try to block her hands. She's very cute just the way she is. I love reading your blog.

Linda said...

She's a beauty, all right. She's got a great smile.

Lorraine Butler said...

I just love 4 months!! She is sure an individual!

Michael and Denise said...

She is adorable!