Sunday, September 11, 2011


We have been having some unseasonable warm days around here lately so I thought we would get out the sprinklers.  I even heard that today might be the warmest day of the summer.  Unfortunately it wasn't as big of a hit with the kids as I had planned.  Well, Tucker loved it.  But it was Penelope that didn't want to get near it.  When we made her get in the water she cried.  Then she complained for a while about being wet.  She even would stand on one foot because she didn't want to put her feet on the ground and get 'mess.'
Here the kids are hiding under the trampoline.  For Tucker this only lasted until the sprinklers were turned on.  Penelope stayed here most of the time.
Tucker 'hit' the water, sat on the water, jumped over the water, splashed in the water, and even drank the water.
 We tried everything to get her to go in.  But she just wasn't having it.
We even forced her a few times.  Notice how Bob and Tucker are headed for the water and Penelope is heading around the water?

I guess the is just another example of how my kids are polar opposites.

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DerrK said...

Did you put the sprinkler under the trampoline and play on it? That's usually a hit, dangerous, but fun.