Monday, September 12, 2011

Garage Sale

I like to go to garage sales.  Usually only when it is convenient.  on Saturday there was a sign I could see from my window pointing to a sale.  When everyone needed a break from cleaning the house I thought we would go on a little walk and check it out.  Tucker was excited because these things usually have kids toys and he even got some money out of his bank.  63 cents to be exact.  The bad part was that someone was playing a trick and we couldn't find it anywhere.  Tucker was sad and just kept saying that we can find it.  Then he said maybe Jesus can help him find the garage sale and that we all need to stop walking so he can say a prayer.  Bob and i felt a little awkward because he stopped right in front of this person's driveway and someone was in their garage probably wondering what we were doing.  But that wasn't important.  Tucker has such a strong testimony and it is so sweet because he knows that if he has a problem Jesus can help him.  It is that simple to him and should be for all of us.  It makes sense that the scriptures counsel us to be like little children.  And Tucker was right, Jesus did help him because after we got home without finding the garage sale we got in the car and drove around until we did find one.

He was so excited and spent a good amount of time figuring out what he wanted to buy with his money.  I let him pick whatever he wanted.  After he found two things, which he didn't have enough $$ for, he went up to the guy put his money on the table and asked if he could have the toys.  The guy just looked at him and told him that he can have the toys and keep his money.  then he called his wife over to see how cute Tucker was. 
 On a completely unrelated topic, I am going to start doing Tutorial Tuesdays.   So every Tuesday on the blog I will do a tutorial.  Usually it will be something I am learning how to do myself.  Tomorrows Tuesday Tutorial is going to be how to make your own bubble valance.

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DerrK said...

Kinda got teary eyed with this post. It is true how simple a child's testimony is yet powerful. And the last picture of T with his toy, priceless.