Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to make a bubble valance out of a sheet

This is a really easy project.  I don't have a sewing machine and barely know how to sew.  In fact I had my mom come over, bring her machine and help me make it.  We did the first one together and then I did the second one by myself.  After my mom left I could not figure out how to use the sewing machine.  Everything I did just came right out.  I was getting frustrated so I called my mom and she talked me through how to set up the thread.  Everything seemed in order and then she asked me if the foot was down.  The foot?  I had no idea what she was talking about.  Lesson learned.  When you are sewing make sure the thing by the needle (aka the foot) is down.

Materials needed:
Twin sheet (fitted or flat)
Sewing Machine

1) Measure the width of the window mine was 5'  The sheet needs to be close to twice as long.  I didn't need to cut the width of the sheet but you might depending on the width of your window.  Once your done with the width its time to make a loop for the curtain rod. Measure 4" from the top across the whole length of the sheet (left to right), pin it and sew it there.  This is where you will stick the curtain rod.  If you use a fitted sheet this part will be a little harder but it will make the bunching easier.

2) Cut your ribbon.  I chose to make it 5' long and it worked well.  Cut one less ribbon than bubbles/bunches you want.  I needed 3.

3) Mark the center point of the ribbon and fold it over the top center (if you have an odd number) of your curtain.  Pin it there.  Measure out where you want the other ribbons and pin them on.

4) Sew the ribbons on.  I sewed about 3" past the curtain rod loop.  Make sure you don't sew over the loop.  Almost done.

5) Put it up, tie the ribbons and admire your work.  Below is my first one.
For the second one I had to sew two twin sheets together.  It was hard because they were fitted sheets.  But it did help the corners bunch easier.
 I also really like this one on HGTV
That is it for my first Tuesday Tutorial.

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