Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4 month appointment

On Monday Scarlett went in for her 4 month appointment.  She is starting to tapper off in weight just like my other children did.  I was hoping she was going to be a 'thicker' baby than the rest but she has started dropping.  All my children were born a good size but shortly after birth would develop into a more petite frame.  A friend told me she thinks she produces skim milk.  I think the same must be true for me. :-)
Weight: 13# 7oz (41.42%)
Height: 25 1/4" (82%)
Head Cir. 16" (37%)
The doctor is not at all worried about her weight and I can tell that she is more on track with her gross motor skills than Penelope was at this age.  The only thing of concern is that she usually looks right.  She also has a big flat spot on the back of her head.  The doctor is going to see us again in a month and if things aren't improving we might have to do physical therapy and possibly a helmet.  She said the helmet isn't very likely though.  I am really hopping that we can get the problem fixed before the next appointment because I do not want to go through the physical therapy again.  The trick is to put a lot of exciting things to the left of her.  It doesn't really work to force her to look left.  We need to entice her to look left.  If anyone knows any tricks or has advice on this I would really appreciate it!
Scarlett is sleeping in my bed right now.  She likes to eat around 6 AM and then go back to sleep.  Sometimes 'till 8 sometimes 'till 10.  It's nice.


Linda said...

What a cutie! I think she looks great. As a person who has always struggled with excess weight, I envy you and your slender children. As for looking left, we did the same thing for Adam-put enticing things to his left as well as the TV and different sources of light. Good luck!

Carrie said...

You have no idea how much I hate torticollis. (which is the limited neck movement thing) As you know, both of my kids have had the severe case of it. The main recommendations are keeping them off their head by doing tummy time, using the bumbo, etc. When they were awake and laying there I would also roll up a towel and lay it next to them so they would have to look the other way. Things like that. The goal is to do these things until they can sit up then you don't have to worry about it as much. There are also neck exercises that I could show you.
All these things are a pain though. And even if she does get some flattening on the one side, it doesn't always require a helmet. As soon as they start sitting up the head starts to round out. Brian's case was less mild than Davis's. His head flattened to the one side but not enough to require a helmet and now it is nice a round. So yeah, good luck!

Carrie said...

And by "less mild" I meant "more mild."