Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last day of Summer

The official first day of fall is September 23rd.  Penelope's was born on the first day in 2009, to me it is funny because Tucker was born on the first day of Summer.  Too bad Scarlett wasn't born on the fist day of spring.  Anyway last week we probably had the last warm warm days of the year.  It is barely supposed to get up to 70 in the next 10 days.  I feel like I missed out on a lot this summer because so much of my time was consumed by the baby.  Next year we should be able to do a lot more beach and water time also more camping and outdoors in general.  I love s'mores and although I do eat them year round using the microwave I felt like I barely got any real ones this year.  So I convinced Bob we should make some on the grill.  They were yummy!
Ok, so they weren't really real s'mores because instead of graham crackers and chocolate we just used these cookies.  I like the normal way better, but these are a good alternative.
 Penelope made a huge mess with hers.
 It was funny to watch Tucker make his.  He was scared to get close enough to the fire. 

Now I need to finish cleaning the house.  Grandma and Grandpa Woestman are coming over all the way from Ohio in a few hours.

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DerrK said...

I never thought about using the grill. We just might have to copy you.