Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Superhero Cape Tutorial

What child doesn't want to be a superhero?  Recently Tucker has been into batman.  He asked his Grandma to make him a cape when she came out and so she made one for both Tucker and Penelope.  Tucker loves running around with his cape on.  Penelope likes hers as well but I think she will appreciate it more when she gets a little bit older.  It only took Grandma one three hour nap to finish both capes.  It no doubt would have taken me much longer to make them myself so instead I watched what she did and took notes for this tutorial.  This makes a cape that is the right size for a child between the ages of two and six.
This could also be a great easy homemade Halloween costume.  Whether your child wants to be Batman, Superman, or any other Superhero with a cape.

Materials needed:
-3/4 yard duckcloth or other cotton heavy weight fabric
-bias tape double fold 3 yards
-2 sheets of felt (different colors)
-matching thread

1) Cut your material using the pattern in the picture to the right.  The material should be folded in half, the strap will start 2 1/2" in and be 2 1/4" wide.  The neck spot will be 5" down.  then the rest of the cape is 22" down and 10" across (while folded in half).   
3)  Now pin the Bias tape around the entire edge and sew it on.  You are done with the main part of the cape.

4) Next it is time to make and add your logo.  This is a superman one with a P in the center instead of the S.  You can put whatever you want there.  Just draw a design on a piece of paper and cut it out.  Pin the paper into the background piece of felt. Cut around the outside edge.
5) Re-pin the design to your other piece of felt and cut it out around all the edges.  Now pin the felt to your other piece of felt and sew it around all the edges using a zigzag sew design.
6) Pin your logo to the center back of the cape a couple inches down from the neckline and sew it on using the zigzag again.
 7) Lastly sew your two 1" pieces of Velcro on opposite sides of the straps and you are done.
Here is a close up.  On my just turned two-year-old it sits just above the ankles and on my four-year old is is just below his bum.  Have fun with your capes!

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KariMarie said...

Those turned out awesome! I broke down and got L a cape for $11, but I do need to make him a logo. Want to do it for me? haha I also need to figure how I can make him a mask.