Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kitchens Done ... Almost

Here are the updated pictures of our kitchen.  Everything is done except for the hole in the wall, but that part isn't in these pictures.  This has been a long and time consuming project and I will be glad when it is completely done.  The first picture below is what the kitchen looked like when we first moved in.  We made a few changes when we first moved in but I will try to explain that more later.
One of the biggest changes between the first two pictures is the microwave above the oven.  We also did the counter tops, back splash, hardware, paint, soffit box, outlets, and trim.

Here you can see we added curtains, an arch over the sink, which is also new, and shelves on the upper left side of the sink.  Eventually we will get stainless steel appliances.  My plan is when they break to replace them with stainless ones.
 All we did here was add curtains, paint and a table.
This is how we made this same spot right after we moved in.  The whole kitchen was more of a diner style but for me it got kinda old. Plus I hated scooting in on the bench. And it was kind of falling apart since we made it ourselves.
In this picture you can see how we painted the cabinets white and put black knobs on them.  It didn't really work because the paint chipped off and the counter tops were tile and very hard to clean (look how little Tucker was).

I am really happy with how the kitchen turned out!  Bob did the whole thing by himself with a little help from me.  We started it in July so it has taken a couple of months.  It didn't cost too much money because we didn't replace the cabinets but I do think it will up the value of our house a lot when we try to sell it (years down the road).  Now we just need to finish off under the stairs.


Mary-Anne said...

It looks GREAT! My favorite is the arch above the sink. Good job!

Melody b said...

Wow! It looks so great! Such a big difference! good job guys.

Anna said...

LOVE this kitchen!!

Sarah said...

Looks great! I especially like how modern the cabinets look.

Lorraine Butler said...

Very light and bright and FINISHED looking. Great job, guys!