Saturday, September 3, 2011

What to do with soffit box

Our Kitchen is almost done!  I think after this weekend I will only have to finish the curtains and somehow figure out how to get over to IKEA to buy the shelf I want and then it will be complete.  Right now it is pretty messy, with tools and sawdust everywhere.  But i have a feeling that once it is cleaned up it is going to look pretty dang good.  Especially given what we had to work with.  Here is another little sneak peak at one of our updates.
I never have liked our soffit box (the space above the cabinets).  It actually took me a long time searching the internet to even figure out what that space was called.  I debated just taking it out but decided that would be a bigger project than I was willing to take on.  Instead we did what my mother-in-law did with hers and put wainscoting over it.  If you have a similar space above your cabinets that needs updating I would suggest adding wainscoting and a trim above and below it.  It was easy, simple, and I love how it turned out.

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Bob said...

I would have to say the whole kitchen is a bigger project than Doranda is willing to take on. But not too big of a project to be willing to let her husband take on.