Friday, October 21, 2011


Apples Apples Apples!  I feel like I'm up to my ears in apples and I love it!  On Saturday I bought a 25# box of apples from "The fruit Lady".  I used quotes because I'm not sure who she is.  The whole thing could be a little shady (j/k).  I never saw her face or learned her name and only had contact with her through email and one short phone call.  I dropped my money in a box and went around back to pick up my large cardboard box of apples.  I didn't see a soul.  These must be some kind of delicious black market apples or something. ;-)

Seriously though, I dehydrated apples, canned apples (which I might do a tutorial on), made and apple crisp and just plain ate the apples.  We still have a few left.  This all seems very fall-esk.
 Just talking about it makes me want to get some more apple crisp!  Yum!

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Bob said...

I must confess, I had apple crisp for breakfast today. In fact it was all I had for breakfast. Unfortunaly I couldn't think of a way to get ice cream with the apple crisp in to work. Probably would have melted all over me.