Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scary FHE

On Monday we had a Halloween inspired FHE.  It started when we got out the Halloween decorations because tucker kept asking questions about what the grave was and who is that bones guy.  So I did a lesson using a glove and explained that our spirit is like our hand and our bodies are like the glove.  When we came to earth got our bodies.  I then put the glove on.  Then when we die our spirits go to a place with other spirits and our bodies stay here.  That is when I took the glove off and showed that the glove cannot move by itself.  Then we told him that when people's spirits leave their body something has to happen to the body so a lot of the time they get buried.  And that people get buried in graves that are in cemeteries. 

For the activity we went to a cemetery but before we got there Tucker said, "maybe we can dunk our heads in the dirt and see some dead people." It was funny and at least we know that he understands what graves are.  We brought our flashlight and only had to drive about a mile and a half to get to the nearest cemetery. We walked around a bit and read the names and dates.

Once home we had our treats.  Penelope and I seemed to be the only ones who really liked them.

Happy Halloween!

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Mary-Anne said...

What a fun idea for FHE!