Saturday, October 29, 2011

Date Night

It has been a little while since Bob and I went out on a date so we got our favorite sitter last night and went out.  First we went to the new Sushi place called Trapper Sushi, it is right by the Safeway in the old Burger me Now spot.  We have been to one of their other locations in Bonney Lake and really liked it.  It was good until I realized that the salmon was not as cooked as I like it and even though I already ate a ton of them I couldn't eat anymore without feeling sick.

Next stop was Ross. It can be hard to try on cloths with the kids so we made a date of it.  I got these and Bob got a pair of jeans.

Lastly we went to my new favorite place in Silverdale.  Blu Berry, is a delicious frozen yogurt place where you get to fill up your bowl with whatever kind of frozen yogurt you want and top it with any topping imaginable.  Then you pay by weight.  I lost my punch card and they even gave me a new one and re punched it for the last time I went there.  This time I went with Vanilla with all the chocolaty toppings they had.  It was better than my creation last time which was basically trying a little of everything.  Bob got vanilla with strawberries on top, or it was really more like strawberries with a little vanilla frozen yogurt on the side.  Oh and you will never guess who we ran into there.  It was the sitters parents.

I love date night!

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Jules @ The Chang Chat said...

Date nights are so important! I'm glad you guys were able to go out :) Ryan and I are needing to do the same!