Friday, October 28, 2011


Bob and I were talking to Tucker the other day and I told him that not everyone goes to church.  You have to understand that this is a new concept for him because everyone we know does go to church and not just any church but the same church.  It was hilarious because we could tell that he really was shocked.  He says, "What!! Why?!! Do they just punch their faces and be bad?!!"  Not quite sure where that came from but it is exactly the kind of thing Tucker would say.

On another note, I had a new experience as a mom.  This was one I could have done without.  When the kids came to wake me up like usual at 7:30ish I noticed a horrible smell.  It reeked like throw up.  I started looking around to see where the smell was coming from when I noticed Penelope had brown stuff all over the front of her shirt.  Yep. It was dried throw up.  It also covered the blanket she was holding.  I went into her room and saw it was all over her bed and the floor.  I have no idea what happened.  It was not fresh so she must have thrown up sometime in the middle of the night.  the weird thing is that she didn't cry or anything.  We would have heard her.  Then she didn't act sick at all in the morning.  I tried to ask her what happened and she said she burped.

I quickly cleaned up the room, did laundry, and threw the kids in the bath tub.  A couple hours after I got things under control Scarlett pooped all over herself and me.  I was visiting teaching and we had to borrow cloths for Scarlett to wear.  Good thing they had kids. 

Sometimes being a mom is just messy!

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