Sunday, October 2, 2011

General Conference

Yesterday's conference was great!  I definitely got more out of the second session when the kids were in bed.  My favorite talk was by Elder Anderson.  He talked about families and having children.  He said there is no certain time or magical amount of kids that each family should have but that it is a matter between the couple and God and no one else.  Sometimes I wish there was a set number I knew I was supposed to have.  Then I could stop worrying about how many I should have.  He then told a story about a woman who got onto a bus with her seven children.  The bus driver asked if they were all hers and if she was taking them on a picnic or something.  She replied that they are all hers and that it is no picnic. Haha I love that. No one ever asks if my three are all mine, probably not because there are only three but because they all look the same!
Here they are pretending to take notes.  Just kidding, I actually took this a couple weeks ago.  We did look a lot like this yesterday except without the ipods.


DerrK said...

I too was hit most my Bro Anderson's talk. I was more slapped in the face with the topic of Love being spelled T-I-M-E, which I know I don't give my kids enough of MY time.

Carrie said...

Haha, I also really liked his talk. For me it made me feel like we weren't crazy for having 3 kids close together. I told that to Bret and he responded, "No, we are crazy." Haha, but it was a very good talk. One that I think all of us mothers needed.