Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Understairs Storage

We finally finished the hole in the wall project!  It took us way longer to paint it than it should have.  It started when Bob realized that there was probably nothing under the stairs and then we got serious about it when I bought a crock pot.  I actually held off buying one for a long time because we didn't have a place to keep it.  Now we do.
 Tucker and Bob had fun hiding under the stairs.
 Here you can see the hole is all cut out.
 This picture was taken several hours later if not the next day.
And this one is about a month later.  For some reason it took forever to get the finishing touches done.
Now I have room for all the appliances I want! I think this is where I will put a sewing machine if I get one for Christmas.


Anna said...

oh my goodness... i saw this on pintrest and loved it and now you did it!!!

Gayle Daly said...

Wow - those pull outs are AWESOME. Now I want to go home and find a spot just like it. Bob is a very handy man. That is a great blessing.

DerrK said...

It's beautiful!

Rachel said...

AWESOME! Great idea!

Sarah said...

It looks great. I want to turn under our basement stairs in to storage for the kids toys, but the other side is in Danny's work room, so I am not sure if I can convince him to let us use that space. :)

The Abel family said...

Love it!!