Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY Ruler Child Growth Chart

I always wanted something to measure the kids height on as the grew up but was hesitant to write on a door frame because we aren't going to be living here forever.  That is why once I saw this ruler growth chart I knew I had to make one for my family.  I went out and bought the wood that very same day then I stained it and finished everything else while watching tv the next day.  The kids love it and have spent time measuring how tall their stuffed animals are.  This is one thing that I think I will keep for a really really long time!

Materials needed:
A 1" by 8" by 6' board ($7 lowes)
Stain (already had it)
Sharpie (already had it)
Sawtooth picture hanger hook ($.99 walmart)
Krylon Clear Glaze ($3 walmart)

1) Stain your wood.  I first used a light stain but didn't like it so I went over it with a darker stain purposely making streaks so it looked more aged how I wanted it.
2) The next step is to measure out each inch.  It was my husbands idea to tape the tape measure onto it and then go down with a pencil and mark each inch quickly and efficiently.  I also started at 6" because I wanted it to hang and be off the ground.
 3) Now go over each mark with a sharpie varying the lengths so it looks like a ruler.  I used a square tool to make sure my lines were straight.  I think I did every foot line 2" long then just under that for the half way and then an inch and a half midway between there and just one inch for the rest.
 4) I printed the numbers 1-6 using century font size 200 on a piece of paper.  I then colored with chalk on the back of that same paper and placed it where I wanted on the board (one number at a time).  Next I outlined over the paper with a pen causing the calk to rub off onto my board.  Then I drew over the chalk with the same black sharpie.
 4) Lastly I went over the whole thing with a clear top coat spray paint.  Although I don't know if that was necessary.  Then I put my sawtooth hook on the back and nailed it up on the wall making sure that the bottom would be exactly 6" off the floor.
 (I took it back down so I could get a pic)
I really love how this turned out!  I already marked the kids heights and mine and bob's as well.  I am also using a different color to mark the kids heights.  That way years down the road Tucker can look for all the orange ones and easily pick out his marks.

Have fun crafting!


Mary-Anne said...

Cute! I've been looking for a growth chart...

DerrK said...

I like this one! Still a bit confused on the printed and chalked numbers.

Gayle Daly said...

Super idea. We still have our growth chart from our kids. It was paper so the colorful picture of bears etc... have faded. It was well used - even have a few marks for the grandsons. Your growth chart is perfect for generations to come.

Voices of the Graves said...


KRad said...

I like it so much I sent the link to your page to my mom as a Christmas gift idea!

Carrie said...

I like it! I might just make it!

A Couple of Craft Addicts said...

Love this! I thought you used vinyl for your numbers...they turned out perfect! Great job with the sharpie! Thanks for sharing at A Couple of Craft Addicts!