Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Friday

Bob and I like to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, along with a lot of my family.  We started scoping out deals a couple weeks before the big day and found a couple things we wanted to get.  Sometimes we go because we really want to get something specific and sometimes we just go because it is fun.  This year we wanted to buy an external hard drive but Bob was able to buy it online on Thursday for a great price so we didn't need to go out for that.  There were also a few things at walmart we wanted to get.  One being a sewing machine for me for only $50.  It just does the basics but that is all I want/need.  And the other was dual headrest dvd players for the car for only $59.  This year Walmart was selling some things at 10 pm on Thursday and some at midnight.  Since the sewing machine was selling at 10 and the dvd players at midnight we got to the store around 9:40 and hung out till after midnight.

The store was pretty packed in certain areas with people crowding around what they wanted.  In case you have never been you should know that Walmart put their great deals on these pallets in the center of the isles and wrapped them up in plastic wrap.  Then when it is time a worker is supposed to cut them open and everyone gets what they want.  This is pretty much how it went at 10.  It was really packed and I heard people were getting pretty intense over by the sheets but I didn't have any problems.  Once I had the sewing machine I didn't have anything to do for a couple hours so I thought I would just wait by the dvd players.  There was one 10-year-old boy already waiting and so I just stood next to him in front of the pallet.  As time went on more and more people got there.  By 11 it was pretty packed and people had taken off the plastic wrap.  One guy was holding on to a specific dvd player and would not let it go.  I even heard him talking to the 10-year-old about how he couldn't live without it.  Bob and I, along with others, thought we was being ridiculous.  Needless to say things were getting intense as people counted the number of dvd players.  I was not worried at all because we still had a good amount of time left and I was standing right in front.   A vendor was passing out free 5 hour energy drinks and I think that added to the madness.

About 15 minutes before midnight everyone went crazy.  Somebody shouted something and next think I knew a crowd management worker shouted 'No' but everyone started ripping and pushing and grabbing saying "what go?"  I was getting slammed by several people into the pallet and I couldn't even get out.  Bob got behind me and had to move people out of the way so I could get out.  The whole top layer of players was gone by now so you could guess how many people had pushed me to get theirs.  As I turned to back out I saw this huge greedy smile and this girls face as she pushed past me to get a dvd player.  It was disgusting.  She was so happy and giddy as people were getting hurt and going crazy. I got a huge bruise on my arm and was shaking.  I really couldn't go back in the crowd.  I was able to grab one but only because my instinct kicked in.  Everything went so quickly.  I stood in the cloths section by myself for a few minutes just watching the crowd.  The sad part was after about a minute all the people were gone from the pallet and there were about 15 ish dvd players left.  i couldn't help thinking about how all those people were pushing and going crazy thinking they weren't going to get one and there were still some left.  My brother-in-law pointed out to me how opposite of Thanksgiving this whole thing was.

After the Walmart fiasco we went home and went to bed.  Bob and I went back out after we woke up around 8 and got everything else we wanted without crowds.  It was nice and we got a few great deals. Above is a picture of me with most of the things we bought.  The sewing machine is a Christmas present for me so I have to pretend I don't know about it. ;-)
 Bob and Amery looking through ads on Thanksgiving.
Am I going to do it again next year?  Probably.  Do I hope it is less crazy? Yes. Will it be? Probably not.

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