Monday, November 14, 2011

Carpet cleaning

It was nice to have Bob home for an extra day this weekend.  Thank you veterans!  Because of the rainy weather we weren't about to get the work done outside like we wanted.  Luckily between all of Bob's scout meetings we were able to get some work done inside of the house.  We cleaned the carpets for the first time ever.  We rented a rug doctor and did it ourselves.  It was pretty easy and didn't take as long as we thought it would.  We have lived here for three years and have had more than our share of spills/spit ups it was definitely time.  The only snag we had was when our everyday vacuum broke before we had all of the carpets vacuumed.  Bob had to run to the store to get a new one.  I was kind of sad because it has basically been with us since our first place (we didn't vacuum at our first place and got this one in our second place).  It was small and loud and pink and hard to push but I swear it picked up everything better than my moms Dyson.

It was nice that we cleaned the carpets at night because we just put the kids in bed and when everyone got up the carpets were dry.  The only problem was that when we woke up the house still smelled like chemicals and Bob and I both had headaches.  I am glad it is done.  Especially with Scarlett on the floor all the time now.

I thought Penelope looked so cute before church on Sunday I made the kids do a video. 

I don't know where Tucker comes up with these things.

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