Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to make your own Superhero Mask

After headbands last week I thought I needed something for the boys.  So here are DIY superhero Masks.  They do not take me very long at all.  All you need is felt elastic scissors and a hot glue gun.

1) Cut out your felt.  I drew two simple mask templates here.  You  can either draw your own or print mine and cut them out then outline it on your piece of felt and cut that out.  It is pretty easy to make your own template, the only hard part is making sure the eyes are the right size and distance apart.  Mine are not perfect and only took me a couple seconds to make once I got the eyes right.

2) Cut a second piece of felt if you want it.  For my second mask I layered up the felt making the second color slightly larger than the template.

3) Cut your elastic.  15 inches was good for my 4-year-old.

4) Glue your elastic to the mask.  Either punch two holes in the mask slide the elastic through and glue it to itself.  Or slide the elastic between your two layers of felt and glue it there.  I did both and I prefer the second way but either will work fine.

Tada! Now you have a mask to go with the superhero capes!
Penelope, like usual refused to wear it correctly.

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