Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Highlights

As the year comes to a close I like to think back over all the highlights of what happened in the the past 365 days.  And thinking about this year we have been through a lot.  Probably one of the biggest adventures was our trip to Japan.
 I remember everywhere I hiked around to get to the parks.  In this picture I marked my apartment and I also climbed a good deal higher after I took the pic.

Then of course there was the 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear melt down that ruined all my fun.  We were stuck in the apartment for the next week and then sent home.  At least no one we knew got hurt.
 One we got home we bought our first car together!
Tucker gave his first talk in Primary.
 I was pregnant and couldn't wait for our baby (who had no name until after she as born) to be born.
 Then on May 6th, Scarlett Genevie was born.
 Bob and i traveled to a friends wedding in bend Oregon.
 Family came over for Scarletts Baby blessing.
We went camping on fourth of July weekend. And then another trip to Spokane for my sister's 40th birthday.
Bob and I celebrated our 5th anniversary after which I had my 24th birthday.  On my birthday we got to tour the shipyard and i finally got to see where Bob works everyday.
 We had fun with the kids. One time we went bowlinng.
 We spent hours and hours remolding our kitchen.
 The pumpkin patch was fun.
 And so was halloween.
Of course i cannot forget Thanksgiving at my moms house and the crazy Black Friday shopping that happened that night.Then Bob and i had our short but fun trip to San Diego.

I would say we had a pretty busy year.  That is how I like it though.  This was our last year with all of the kids out of school.  In just a few more months Tucker's school will keep us to a schedule.  Looking back it is hard to think how we crammed all of that plus a ton more into just one year. And of course I have a lot to post about Christmas and the family reunion that is going on, but that will have to wait until I upload my pictures onto my Mac.

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