Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY JOY Blocks

This tuesday tutorial explains how to make your own Christmas JOY blocks with 2x4s.  You can really write whatever word you want on it.  My mom made this at the Super Saturday their ward did and I thought I could replicate it easily enough.

Materials Needed:
2 x 4 (about 17")
4 pieces of scrapbook paper (One red and three christmas greens)
red paint
mod podge
step 1
Cut the two by four then slightly sand the edges.  You need three blocks one 7" one 5 1/2" and one 4".    Those are the dimensions I made mine but you could really do any lengths you want.
step 2
Paint them red.  I did two coats and wasn't very picky about them being perfect since most of the front is covered by paper anyway.
step 3
Cut scrapbook paper to fit on the fronts of the blocks, making sure the front edges of the blocks are still showing.  Then mod podge them on. I choose three green papers because I wanted the blocks red and the letters red.
step 4
Print the letters JOY in the font you like on the computer.  I did Apple Casual size 500, then I had to adjust the O so it would fit inside my block.  Then cut out the letters, trace them onto a your red piece of paper, cut those out, and glue them on.
Now display it in your house for everyone to see!

Happy Crafting!

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Anna said...

the scrapbook paper you used on the "O" is one of Samuels. I used it for all our christmas cards this year... LOVE IT!!!