Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scarlett's 7 Months

Scarlett is now seven months old and she: 
mastered the army crawl.
has one tooth on the bottom middle.
puts everything in her mouth.
won't take a pacifier.
doesn't like to go to bed.
sleeps from 8:30 to 7ish.
almost has the hang of eating rice cereal.
loves attention.
loves her exersaucer.
sticks her tongue out all the time.
makes the airplane noise a lot.
and loves her family!
(p.s. although these pictures are adorable the little Christmas photoshoot I set up in my family room was a pain and I was so mad at Penelope for not smiling and looking at the camera by the end of it I just put them all bed.)


Sarah said...

Ha I took the same type of pictures with my kids, the white lights in the background. Don't you love pinterest?! I still haven't posted them though yet, probably in the next few days.

DerrK said...

Despite your failed attempt to make Penelope smile....these ones of Scarlett are REALLY adorable!