Sunday, January 8, 2012

8 months

On Friday Scarlett officially became 8 months old.  We did a little photo-shoot to document what she looked liked.  In case you haven't noticed I am doing this every month her first year.
I am only posting the head shots because she is not wearing anything in the pictures and although I think her little behind is so cute Bob didn't want me to post them.
Just this past week I would say that Scarlett finally figured out how to eat. We now put the food in her mouth and it doesn't all come right back out (only some comes back out).  She still has one tooth (I think it has been about a month) and she likes to use it.  Everything she grabs goes into her mouth.
Scarlett is becoming more and more attached to me and it is making life difficult.  I thought Penelope had it bad but in some ways Scarlett is much worse.  She won't go to Bob if I am in the room.  She actually won't even play by herself if I am in the room.  She will be playing fine and the second I walk by and she glimpses my feet she looses it and starts screaming.  Penelope really only had a hard time around other people.
By now you might be wondering what is with the crying pictures.  Someone told me they thought her cry is cute so i thought I'd better take a picture of it.  Babies and young kids cry so often it would be weird not to have a picture of the crying.

Scarlett has also started snuggling with me a little bit.  Sometimes I will be holding her and she will just rest her head on my shoulder and lay there for a minute.  I think it started because she was trying to suck on my shoulder and then it evolved into just resting her head.  I love it.

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Sarah said...

The first picture is adorable!