Monday, January 9, 2012

enterTRAINment junction

While in Ohio over the break we went to EnterTrainment Junction.  It is the worlds largest indoor train display.  Tucker and Penelope were really into it.  It was pretty amazing how much detail was put into these train displays.
They had thousands of little people in these little towns they set up.  The whole place even went from day to night about every 10 minutes.  When it was night everything except for the trains got dark, I preferred the day time so I could take better pictures.
Here is Tucker with his uncle Ben.  Ben is leaving for a mission in Oregon in a few weeks.
Penelope did not like it up on Bob's shoulders.  He tried hard to get her to stay up there because it was hard for her to see from the ground and Bob was getting tired of holding her.

I had to take pictures of the local monuments.

 They had a whole Christmas area where I think Santa was riding around on a train.

At the end they had this huge kids jungle gym.  Kinda like the ones at McDonalds but bigger and train themed.  i think they could have played there all day.

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