Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Sign

This tutorial explains how to make your own two sided chalkboard sign.  I originally wanted to make one of these for a picture prop but I am sure it can be used for other things also.  I currently have it sitting on my front porch saying Happy New Years!  And one of the best things about this is it only cost me $5.  I learned how to do this from LynnSpin.

Materials Needed:
Chalkboard paint (had it)
door hinges (habitat store $1)
kitchen cabinet doors (habitat for humanity store $4)
other paint colors (had it)
sand paper (had it)
oil base primer (optional)
1) Get the doors ready by removing the hardware and sanding them down.

 2) Paint the edges whatever colors you like.  I had some problems getting the paint to stick so if you have it I would recommend going over the entire thing with an oil based primer first.  I wish I did.
 3) Once the edges are completely dry tape it off and paint the chalkboard part.  Mine needed two coats.
4) Drill the door hinges onto the back of the doors.  I like these kind of hinges because with them the door can rotate pretty much any way you want it.
 Now just be creative while writing on it and ignore my bad handwriting.


Gayle Daly said...

What a great project. I'm impressed.

KRad said...

This would be a HUGE HIT in nursery!!!

DerrK said...

I'd love to do this one day if you'll take me to the habitat store. :)