Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Family Feud Auditions

Last Sat. my family tried out for Family Feud!  They were holding auditions in the South Hill mall in Puyallup so we decided to go ahead and try.  For the auditions we pretty much just played a round of the show.  Aside from waiting over 3 hours for our turn, and the speakers giving me a headache, it was fun.  I honestly don't think we will get on the show, not for any reason but only because there were over 600 families trying out.  The people who they do pick get their flights and hotel paid for and the filming is in Georgia.  Other than that you only get money if you win and if you have watched the show you can win up to $20,000.

This is what it looked like.  The family on the left is in my mom's ward and I wouldn't be surprised if they get on the show.  The casting director talked to them after they played.  It was crazy because when we started out the whole place was packed but by the time we got to go there were only two families after us.  So we seriously just sat and watched everyone else play again and again.

We have enough people in my family to have at least two teams.  I think I am going to make up a little game and set up a little family feud at my parents house sometime.

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DerrK said...

That'd be fun to have a personal family feud game. We have done that with a variation of the Newylwed game and a few others that I can't recall the names of. Fun Times!