Thursday, January 26, 2012

Purse Camera Bag Review /Swiss Gear Diana SLR

I needed a bigger camera bag to hold my lenses.  I wanted something a little bigger but still not huge because I didn't want to carry all my camera equipment around everywhere with me. I decided on the Swiss Gear Diana SLR camera bag.  It was the cheapest purse style camera bag I could find and so far I like it.  I probably could have made one for around $40ish but I decided to buy this $67 one from Best Buy instead.  I had to buy it online and there wasn't very much info about it on the web so I thought I would do my own review for anyone else looking.
The Diana SLR camera bag looks just like a purse.  I love it because now I don't need a purse and a camera bag.  It has plenty of room for my wallet, cell phone, and keys.  Another benefit of it being stylish is that I think given the option someone would steal a camera bag over a purse.
This picture doesn't quite do it justice because I needed to take my camera out to take the picture.  I will say that it has room for my camera to sit lens down (lens attached) in the left most space, then in the middle I keep another lens and there is more room for keys or whatever, and the right is perfect for my external flash.  Just on the other side of the edge dividers there is a small space for whatever you want.  I slide in my charger, computer cord and wireless remote.  The dividers are removable and adjustable.
On the back there is a thin zipper pocket.  I keep a paper towel (just in case I need to wipe off the outside of my camera) and my rain shield.
 The handles and top are a black leather material and the rest of the bag is more of a slick cloth.
Here you can see how big it is in relationship to me.  It feels pretty sturdy and can stand up without leaning and falling when set down.  It is not a messenger type bag meaning the straps are not really long.  I have used it a few times and have been able to successfully shoot while wearing it although I do fidget with the straps while it is on.  

Over all it is a good buy.  It is not perfect for a camera bag but for the purse style I think it is the best for the price ($67).

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