Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to make a Doll Stroller Seat

This Tuesday Tutorial explains how to make a new seat for a doll stroller.  This should fit most simple doll strollers. We got our stroller from Good Will for $.99 but the seat needed replacing. The main problem was that the bottom part kept falling off of the pegs.  It was easy for me to put it back on but was causing Penelope serious frustration.  I will admit that this project was pretty hard for me as a beginner.  It was my first time using a pattern without help.  So for most of you this will be pretty dang easy, but for me it did cause a little stress.  Mostly I had a hard time putting the binding tape on correctly.  So even though I was frustrated I did finish it during one of the kids 3 hour naps and if you have sewed anything before I'm sure it will be no trouble at all for you.  The best thing about this was that I made the whole thing out of materials I already had!

Materials Needed:
Pattern found here
Half yard fabric
Binding tape
Two 21/2" pieces of elastic
Two 10" pieces of ribbon (optional)

 1) Print the pattern, pin it to the fabric and cut it out.  I doubled up the fabric and recommend you do too.
2) Pin the two seat pieces together, fold the edges in and sew it.

3) Now fold the bottom up a quarter inch, sew it.
4) Fold it up again.  This time fold it so about one inch is showing on the back side.  Sew along the sides (vertically) and middle but make sure you leave about 1 1/2 inches on the horizontal sides where you do not sew.  This is where  the stroller bars will slide in.  The picture really explains it better than I can in words.
5) Now pin the two back pieces together.
 6) Get your binding tape out and pin that around the entire top edge.
7) Slide both ends of the elastic into the top corners.  Then sew around the entire top edge.  Make sure the elastic gets sewn into it.
8) Lay the bottom piece on top of the back piece the the top sides together.
 9) Pin the two raw edges together.  I started at the middle and worked my way to the ends.
10) Sew around the edges.

This is where I thought I was done.  Unfortunately the stroller seat kept coming off of the stroller so I added ribbons to keep it in place.

11) Fold one ribbon in half and pin the fold into the back bottom corner of the seat. Repeat on the other corner.  Then burn the ends of the ribbon so it doesn't fray.

It should look like this once tied on.

12) The last step is to add the binding tape to the bottom.  I skipped this and it seems to be fine without it.

Enjoy! And thank you to sewinginomandsland for teaching me how to do it.


DerrK said...

Yea, Audrey's baby stroller has the same issue with the bottom slipping off. Audrey gets very frustrated, but other than me slipping it back on, not sure how to solve it.

DerrK said...

Never thought about sewing on ribbon, but I guess I could.

Carrie Haughey said...

Hi, I found this via pinterest and am so excited to "fix" my kids stroller so they can play with it again! When I went to print the pattern it said I don't have access to the file. Could you please send it to me? Thank you!! Thank you too, for your clear directions, replacing the seat was so daunting to me, but you make it look easy :)

Julia Patrick said...

I found your post really cool! Do you also have doll stroller videos for kids, which includes tutorials? When I was a kid I also used to make such strollers, but now the techniques is forgotten..

Julia Patrick said...
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Aeldra Robinson said...

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