Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Snow Snow!

Yay! it is snowing!  We have been teased with snow the past couple of days.  It seemed like everyone in the area including my mom has had snow except for us. kept saying it was supposed to snow the past couple nights I kept waking up to no snow.  Finally this morning I got up to Bob being home (he is normally gone long before I get up) and snow!

These pictures are of the most snow we got the past couple days.  And the sad part is it all melted within hours. I'll need to take new pictures of the snow today.  Right now we have 2 1/2" of snow and it is coming down hard.  It is not supposed to stop snowing until after lunch. Bob was told he doesn't need to go to work!  I am so excited!  I feel like the kids are old enough to play and Tucker really wants to throw a snowball.  I already bought sleds and we have a big hill outside our house.  They should be up pretty soon so we will be outside in minutes playing and building a snowman for sure!  Have fun in the snow!  And stay safe!

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Mary-Anne said...

Fun! Seattle has had more snow this year than we have. So sad. Although that storm you're having right now is supposed to come our way tomorrow and the next day, but no one here gets to stay home from work, darn it. Have fun in the snow!!