Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Waterfall Braid Tutorial How to start and finsish

I have been pretty into braids lately.  And it seems like every time I do my hair in this waterfall braid someone comments that they like my hair.  It is pretty easy to do so I thought I would do a tutorial on how to do it.  I have seen this done different ways so I will try to explain them both.  There also seems to be confusion on how to end the braid so I will explain that too.
I made a video tutorial explaining how to do the braid.  And as a side note, this is not by best braid because I was trying to do it quickly and I didn't have a mirror to look in, only the video but that was a backwards reflection.

In case it is easier for you to read how to do it I will just write it here.

1) Start a regular french braid, either before or after your bangs.
2) Once you get to the side of your head start the waterfall by splitting the bottom chunk, dropping most of it, and adding in a new chunk with what is left.  Or just drop it and grab a new chunk.
3) Continue to add in hair on the top side like a normal french braid and continue splitting/dropping the bottom piece replacing it with a new chunk.
4) Get bigger pieces as you go.
5) End it by putting a small rubber band near the top of the braid and let the ends fall just like the rest of the waterfall pieces or continue it until you have taken all the hair around the top of your head.
6) Do a normal braid to end it and then use a rubber band.
Have fun braiding.  And let me know if there are any other hairstyles you want me to demo.

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Mary-Anne said...

That's cute! I can totally braid other people's hair, but I always have issues trying to braid my own.