Monday, January 2, 2012


I took so many pictures over the Christmas break I feel a little bit like I am in picture overload.  So if you are waiting for me to go through pictures I should have time to work on it today during the kids naps.  Last night I got to sleep in my own bed again and it was nice.  We have had a busy Christmas break that started with celebrating Bob's birthday early, then Christmas at our house, then off to Cincinnati and back to my Parents house.  Now we have today to take down all the decorations and get ready to get back to normal so bob can go to work tomorrow.  As far as the blog goes I will just start at the begining with bob's birthday.
 Penelope and Tucker picked out candy they wanted to give to Bob for his birthday.
I got him this recording book and made him a hat.  Bob actually made pretty much the same hat for his seceret santa.  The beard was tricky.  Maybe I'll post a tutorial on it sometime.
Instead of cake and ice cream Bob wanted pie and ice cream.  I love pie and when it came out of the oven I let it cool a little and then started putting the 28 candles in it.  That was a mistake because the pie started turning blue.  The candles were melting into the top of the pie.  haha.  we had to quickly take them out and put them into the ice cream.  Now some of the ice cream was blue because the candle bottoms were already melted.  oh well.  We still ate it.  Happy Birthday!

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Sabrina said...

I love that hat! Too fun!