Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am excited for this new year to start.  Yay for 2012 (everyone is saying twenty twelve not two thousand and twelve right?)!  For some reason I could never remember last year was 2011 I kept writing 2010 on accident.  I am happy to get a new year to write on everything.

We celebrated last night with my family in Puyallup and I am happy to report that Penelope did not throw up all day yesterday!  I am hoping that she is better.  We are still not going to church just to make sure we are not contagious.  Last night was a good night.  I put Penelope and Scarlett in bed around 9 and thought I would let tucker stay up until midnight.  Last year we just put them all in bed at normal time.  It was funny because while we were playing games all night Tucker kept moping around saying how this party wasn't very fun and how he was bored.  he finally around 10:30 said that he wanted to go to bed.  Of course i didn't try to persuade him to stay up but I just put him in bed.

When midnight rolled around we did a quick toast (with sparking cider of course) and then ran around my parents house banging pots and pans.  I think mostly everyone was in bed by 12:10.

Bob and i did spare a few minutes last night to talk about our new years resolutions/goals.  Here are a few things we came up with.

Bob and I:
Do better at daily scripture reading and prayers.
Set aside more money each paycheck for savings
Exercise at least four times a week (that one was for me, Bob wants to work out 3 additional times to his bike rides)

Learn how to write all the numbers and letters without help
Learn to recognize all of the letters and their sounds
Learn all the basic colors and shapes 
(He does know most of his letters/colors but he doesn't know how to write many of them and a few he doesn't recognize)
Learn my phone number

Learn the colors
Get potty trained

Whatever she feels like doing in the next year.

Happy New Year!

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