Friday, January 20, 2012

more snow pics

The kids didn't seem as excited about the snow yesterday so I went out by myself.  It was really great!  I got to take pictures and just enjoy the quiet beauty.  Everything looked so peaceful and amazing.  It was like I stepped into another world.  There were no cars on the street and no people outside.  I loved it!

This is the street right in front of our house.
I tried to take some close up pictures of a snowflake.  So these next two are larger than life.

I am glad we got a couple snow days in this year.  For a while I was starting to think it wasn't going to happen.  Aside from people being out of power and getting hurt I think I would be happy with many more snow days.  Bob on the other hand was ready to get back to work and just left with another two hour delay.

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Voices of the Graves said...

We drove by your house yesterday and Aaron loved your snowman!! We couldn't figure out how to make a snowman with this weird snow we got. Love your pictures!