Monday, January 23, 2012


This is my last snow post. I promise... unless we magically get more snow.  Actually I think we are %95 melted.  It rained pretty much all of sunday so any lingering snowmen piles have mostly melted away.  Penelope keeps talking about the snowman like he is a real person.  She says, "Snowman upside down." "Snowman have my boots."  "Snowman bring my boots in?" "snowman melted?"  She was hilarious when we were outside making snow angels.  She obviously has no idea what one is and I couldn't coax her into laying down in the snow so I demonstrated for her.  After getting up she said "Wat that?"  I told her it is an angel and this is the funny part.  She goes "do a baby Jesus."  Hahaha.  It makes sense she is used to seeing the nativity sets and they always have and Angel and the Baby Jesus.  Somehow I was supposed to make a baby Jesus to go with the angel.

The kids had fun sledding.  Below is a video of them going down our street.
I was dying for snow but now I am ok with waiting another year for more.

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