Friday, February 3, 2012

4 1/2

Tucker is 4 1/2!  He has been since mid december but I have been so busy I haven't gotten a chance to post about him yet.  I figured since Scarlett is getting a post every month the other kids should at least get one twice a year.  Of course I had to take pictures.  I wanted to get some close ups of his face.  I love faces especially kid faces, it never feels like you can get close enough.
Tucker is the best when it comes to pictures and he always has been.  When he was a baby he knew to look at the camera and smile on the count of three.  I swear for him it was one of those natural reactions you are born with, you know like rooting or crying.  Now he is still the one who can keep it together and smile at the camera while the girls are more interested in other things.  He does like to make silly faces but he is easily bribed and does follow directions.
Tucker is the most energetic little guy I know.  Somehow he has more personality packed into his little body than most adults combined.  When he is happy he can barely contain himself.  His smiles are big and he jumps up and down with excitement.  When he is sad his screams are so loud not only is his anger clear to me and the people next door the whole neighborhood knows about it.  He can go from happy to sad in an instant.  One time he got up from his nap excited about getting a cookie.  See, we had told him that he could have a cookie if he slept during his nap.  So he came running downstairs excited when I told him that daddy and I ate all the cookies.  I should not have joked like that because he was devastated, the screams were instant and loud.  I felt horrible and it took us a few minutes and the sight of cookies to calm him down.  I had no idea he would react so strongly.  My bad.  Lesson learned.   Don't joke with kids when it comes to cookies. Tucker goes through a lot being our first child, aka practice child.  Just kidding.
Tucker is also a great big brother.  He and Penelope are finally starting to play together and I love it.  I have tucker help Penelope with things at least 10 times a day and he is a real trooper about it.  She is always needing a drink or help down from the chair or help getting a toy out of the toy chest and Tucker is her number one helper.  She is even learning to ask Tucker for help instead of me if I am doing something like feeding Scarlett.

Tucker loves ninja turtles, tv, spiderman, legos, parkor, ninjas, snacks, being crazy; and we love him.

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