Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paradise Duet

Now that Bob has a new guitar Tucker has been playing Bob's old guitar.  
I love that we have music in our home.  Sometimes it is hard when I feel like other things need to get done, like dishes, but all in all I am glad Bob plays the guitar.  After all playing the guitar was the basis of how we met.  I should thank Mr. LG, my high school guidance counselor, for convincing me to take guitar class my senior year instead of a free period.    

Bob's love of music is being passed on to the kids, especially Tucker.  He is really pretty good at singing on key.  And he loves to sing.  One of his favorite songs right now is Nephi's Courage.

Yesterday I found some great things at Good Will.  I only spent $7 and I got a chair, overalls (more on that later), a belt, two plates, and a cup.  Almost everything was green tag, meaning $1.29.  I love it when I find great deals!

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